Our clients are professionals who earn their living in sports, media and entertainment industry. Because there’s no such thing as an average career, we offer specialist support to help our clients build and protect their wealth.


You might have the irregular income pattern of an actor, a footballer’s shorter career window, and the unique challenges of working in creative & entertainment industries where the earnings potential can be large, but unpredictable, whatever the challenge, we’ll search for the best way to maximize and protect your earnings.


If you have a high income, you’ll find your savings could build up quickly; we can help you invest as you earn, to make the most of your assets from day one.

Your career will bring a multitude of financial opportunities, and we have the expertise and an experienced team to help you maximise these. With our experience behind you, your money is in safe hands.

Talk to a MountHurstTM Financial Adviser, who will help you establish medium to long-term goals, implement effective asset-allocation and wealth building strategies and regularly review your financial progress with you.

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