MountHurstTM Wealth’s professional service team is dedicated to supporting career expatriates and international families. We offer a relationship based proposition, providing services tailored to the specific need of our clients.

We can help you adapt to the lifestyle change, providing financial planning advice, whilst maximizing your investment and saving return. Our team wiill develop a bespoke financial plan for you and your family. And establish a thorough understanding of your objectives, whether it is planning for retirement, protecting your family, investing tax efficient or passing your wealth. Regular reviews ensure that plans adapt to your changing situation.


If you career takes you from country to country, we will arrange investment products that give you simple access to your money wherever you are.

Talk to a MountHurstTM Wealth Financial Adviser, who will help you establish medium to long-term goals, implement effective asset-allocation and wealth building strategies and regularly review your financial progress with you.

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