We take a long–term view of our relationship with Clients. To make sure the advice we give is suited to your current circumstances and adapts to your future needs we use a 5-phase process.

What You Can Expect From Us

We offer you Independent Financial Planning Advisory Services and are therefore able to consider the whole market, having identified your needs. We will make the most suitable recommendation to you, advising on all areas with no provider or product bias.

This “5-steps to financial Planning Process” is designed to clearly communicate the way we work with our clients and to clarify the roles and responsibilities of the MountHurstTM Wealth Financial Adviser and the Client. It lays out systematically a simple to- understand – and –implement approach to working together.

Expect your Financial Adviser to:-

To gain thorough understanding of your current investments, financial resources and goals. An initial consultation can take anything from 30 minutes to 1½ hours, depending on the complexity of your financial situation and your primary reasons for meeting with us.

  • Your initial consultation is designed to introduce you to the MountHurstTM Wealth, and fully explain how our Financial Planning Services works.
  • Establish your financial goals, objectives and priorities
  • Establish your current financial situation
  • Explain and assess your attitude to risk and capacity for loss.
Your needs are the foundation of your personalised financial approach. That is why your financial adviser will first begin by taking the time to know you better by identifying your objectives, priorities, and investment horizon and risk tolerance. He/she will explain to you the best way to go about investing for your situation, making sure you understand the different challenges that lie ahead.

Your role as a Prospective Client:

  • Provide all relevant documents and pertinent information to your financial adviser
  • Understand how the decisions you make today will influence your life tomorrow
  • Ask questions
  • Grasp the challenges of investing, such as the risk-reward ratio and the importance of time and patience.
With the information you will have provided, your financial adviser will perform a detailed analysis of your situation and develop a personalised action plan to help you reach your objectives. He/she will evaluate the feasibility of your plan over the short, mid and long terms, while factoring in your lifestyle, budget, investments, taxes, insurance, retirement, etc. This stage includes:-

  • Research and identify the most suitable solutions for your financial needs
  • Complete due diligence on all suitable products and investments, including provider strength, support and administrative function, product suitability and cost.
  • Produced a detailedfinancial report which will provide information on options available and make specific recommendations.

From this financial report will come another highly valuable document: your investment objectives. This will allow you to define the criteria that will dictate the composition and management of your portfolio.

Your role as a Prospective Client:

  • Establish your objectives and define, with your financial adviser, every parameter that should be considered when making investment and wealth management decisions
  • Evaluate the proposed plan with your financial adviser, making sure that you are comfortable with every aspect it contains.
Your financial adviser will provide you with a tailored recommendation. We are independent and consider the available solutions from the whole of the market. Provide you with a complete understanding of your situation Present recommendations and explain our rationale for selection, answer any queries and agree the next step. We come back to you with a final plan, including actionable recommendations agreed upon during the planning meetings.

Your role as a Prospective Client:

  • Understand and evaluate each solution with your financial adviser
  • Confirm your choices
  • Maintain an open line of communication with your financial adviser
“It's not an action plan until we act! Your wealth management team facilitates implementation to start you on the path to success.”

  • Implementation of the agreed financial plan and confirm to you when it is in force
  • Liaise with the provider through the issuance of policy schedules and/or investment statement

Your financial adviser will make sure that you understand and are comfortable with the solutions available to you. You can work together to select the investment instruments that will meet your needs, and integrate them into a structured portfolio.
MountHurstTM Wealth works continuously with you to implement your plan over time and manage your asset in highly evolving provisions.We meet quarterly for a detailed review of your financial plan, portfolio, markets and investment strategy. We interact with clients between meetings as requested.
  • Review your financial plans against your objectives to ensure their continued suitability, and make any appropriate updates relative to your changing circumstances and needs
  • Provide you with a quarterly review statement
  • Review your investment and their performance to measure progress towards your financial goals
  • Discuss any relevant legislative changes, reassess and confirm your attitude towards risk
  • Make recommendations for new or alternative products where appropriate.
Your role as a Client:

  • Regularly monitor changes in your situation and communicate them promptly to your financial adviser so that he/she can help you adjust your personalised plan
  • Carefully read all the documents you receive, including your portfolio statement.