We listen to clients articulate their needs, goals and priorities. Then we partner with them to develop holistic wealth and investment management strategies. The strategies we develop are in direct response to our shared understanding of your goals, your financial circumstance and the associated risks.


Our Investment Management Philosophy combines modern portfolio management techniques with insights from Behavioural Finance and psychology. The result is an investment strategy that is truly tailored to an investor’s circumstances, objectives and financial personality.

Our objective is to protect and increase the wealth of our clients by achieving superior returns while keeping investment risks to an agreed level. MountHurstTM Wealth works with a clearly articulate Investment Philosophy which revolves around the following key points.

  1. Capital preservation is paramount
  2. Diversification by asset classes, geography and fund managers is the cornerstone of risk-controlled performance overtime.
  3. Tactical asset allocation based on our analysis of economic cycles, valuations and market sentiments can add market value.
  4. The open architecture research platform ensures access to the best managers
  5. Preference for independent managers focused on a limited number of strategies which are aligned with our clients


We pride ourselves on being highly effective financial advisers & private wealth managers. That means we have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the issues you might face in your long-term wealth management journey

Your Trusted Adviser & Investment Managers

We have some of the most highly qualified and experienced people in the industry on our team. Your Financial Adviser & Investment Manager will be an experienced professional typically with a background in law, accounting and the regulated financial services.