“Invest to preserve and build your wealth”

MountHurstTM Wealth offers a variety of Bespoke Structured investment services to help you meet the financial objectives of institutional and sophisticated high net worth investors. Structured products are investments which allow you to achieve a customised exposure to a particular asset, which is comfortable to you.

Structured Securities (also known as Structured Products or Notes) are sophisticated instruments which are intended for use by investors who are knowledgeable in investment matters and who are capable of understanding the risks involved in such instruments

If you are looking to achieve a specific financial objective through a capital protected investment, Structured Securities can give you the potential opportunity to earn higher returns than those offered by traditional fixed deposits

Different structured products will offer different degrees of exposure to the performance of an underlying asset, with diverse ways of providing upside and controlling downside exposure

There are many factors to be considered when designing bespoke structured investments; three of the most crucial are outlined below.


The underlying asset to which a Product is linked, commonly an Index or basket of Indices/Stocks. However, investments can also be linked to different asset classes such as commodities and managed futures.


Products can be open-ended with weekly liquidity or could have a fixed term of 1+ year, or up to a 10-year maturity date. Through a detailed analysis of your needs, we will identify the specific term required and create a solution that precisely matches your requirements.


The level of return can be broad and ranging, and as with any investment is linked to the overall risk profile of an investor. Some investors require a degree of capital protection and as much “upside” as possible, others seek capital protection and a lower annual fixed income, and others still are looking for geared exposure to a particular asset, with market risk on the downside.

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