At MountHurstTM Wealth, we believe in the concept of risk allocation and pursue an open architecture approach to give you an impartial and independent advice across different asset classes, fund managers and geographic region.

One of the key ways the internationally mobile chooses to invest, is through insurance vehicles known as ‘Offshore Portfolio Bonds’.

An Offshore Portfolio Bond (technically referred to as a Unit Linked Life Assurance Policy, and commonly known by names such as Tax Wrapper, Umbrella, Life Platform, Investment Bond), is a financial planning structure that combines an insurance contract with the ability to hold a variety of investment types.

Key Benefits of a Portfolio Bond

  • Convenience of holding all your assets in one portfolio
  • Reduced stock brokering fees
  • Significant initial discounts from fund management groups
  • Centralised administrative support
  • Opportunities for greater tax-efficiency
  • Ability to transfer in existing quoted shareholdings
  • Almost total investment freedom
  • Flexibility to change your investment portfolio at any time
  • Easy access to capital
  • Regular income facility
  • Trust – Death distribution / Asset protection – Creditors

Once established these structures are very cost effective to maintain and highly flexible in terms of the underlying investments which can be held, enabling investors to manage and diversify their portfolio over the course of time and in line with their aspirations and attitude towards risk, across a variety of asset classes through a single tax efficient investment structure.

In addition to the above, a Portfolio Bond can be held by an individual, or for additional asset protection and tax reduction purposes, it can be held by a Trust or other asset protection structure.

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