The MountHurstTM Wealth’s  investment management process is grounded in the principle of Modern Portfolio Theory and the belief that risk can be managed through diversification and tactical allocation.

MountHurstTM Wealth’s  managed Portfolios are constructed to provide a higher probability of meeting your return goals with reduced market risk, when the principal is conserved in down markets. A portfolio can grow from consistently high principal based, resulting in higher, and more consistent long-term average annual returns.

Investment management is both a science and an art. MountHurstTM Wealth financial advisers recognise that while “buy and hold” strategies work well in a secular bull market, active management works better in oscillating market. The point is both approaches works! The art comes with knowing when to use them. MountHurstTM Wealth  investment Advisory Services is here to navigate safely toward your desired goals as the market and economy pose threats and present opportunities.

In extraordinary times like these MountHurstTM Wealth proactively manages all accounts relative to the loss tolerance you express when developing your personal investment policy statement.


Our Investment Management Philosophy combines modern portfolio management techniques with insights from Behavioural Finance and psychology. The result is an investment strategy that is truly tailored to an investor’s circumstances, objectives and financial personality.

Our objective is to protect and increase the wealth of our clients by achieving superior returns while keeping investment risks to an agreed level. MountHurstTM Wealth works with a clearly articulate Investment Philosophy which revolves around the following key points.

  1. Capital preservation is paramount
  2. Diversification by asset classes, geography and fund managers is the cornerstone of risk-controlled performance overtime.
  3. Tactical asset allocation based on our analysis of economic cycles, valuations and market sentiments can add market value.
  4. The open architecture research platform ensures access to the best managers
  5. Preference for independent managers focused on a limited number of strategies which are aligned with our clients