Before investing in funds our researchers not only study their performance and get to know the fund managers but also scrutinize the investment firms to learn more about their strength, integrity and stability.

MountHurstTM Wealth has a rigorous process for selecting funds. We search across the market to select those we believe will perform well over the medium to long term. We meet more than 60 fund managers a year, specialising in all major asset classes and geographic regions.

Our researchers carry out an initial quality screening to examine the financial strength, organisational integrity and stability of an investment firm. We also ensure there is sufficient manager access and full portfolio transparency. This is followed by a four-stage fund selection process, which includes:

  • Product performance analysis
  • Risk and volatility analysis
  • Qualitative due diligence, and product ‘style analysis’ – monitoring the underlying investments in a fund to ensure that a manager’s portfolio is consistent with their stated investment process.
  • After initial selection, this analysis is conducted on a monthly basis as part of our ongoing monitoring.

Closed-ended funds (investment trusts) can be very attractive propositions, and we have experienced analysts to advise us which of these will complement existing portfolios. These experts assess the value of the funds and whether this has been calculated conservatively or not, as well as the quality and expertise of management employed by the fund. The Research team covers a wide range of investment trusts, including those investing in United States & European markets and in the Far East and emerging markets.