Having our own equity research team means that we can constantly monitor stocks, study performance and meet the people running the companies that we recommend to understand their strategies. This research arms our investment managers with the information they need to successfully manage your portfolio.

The Equity Research team specializes in the US market, UK markets, Continental European markets, Far East and emerging market stocks, based on market capitalisation. They provide an important resource for our financial advisers and wealth managers, who draw on their expertise when working with client portfolios.

The Equity Research team comprises eight analysts, each with expertise in a particular industry or sector and a thorough understanding of the key drivers within it.

They continually update stock recommendations on the basis of desk-based analysis and face-to-face meetings with senior company management. Investment managers can readily access this research and discuss specific issues directly with the analysts themselves.

Stock recommendations are made in the context of a company’s sector, with each sector requiring a different research approach. Collectively, our analysts can offer our investment managers and clients an interactive and accessible research and advice service across all sectors.

All recommendations are based on MountHurstTM Wealth research methodology, which focuses on three areas: price momentum, value and growth, and positive news flow.

The Equity Research team also provides the framework for our sector strategy analysis and contributes to the MountHurstTM Wealth asset-allocation decisions.