Welcome to MountHurstTM Wealth Client Services Area, a dedicated online resource area that keeps you up to date with vital information on your investment.

This area is dedicated to the clients of MountHurstTM Wealth and is here to provide helpful information.


MountHurstTM Wealth Client’s valuations are produced within 15 working days of the quarter end. In addition, we prepare bespoke detailed quarterly reports for client meetings which cover performance analysis, investment strategy and economic outlook.

MountHurstTM Wealth is further able to provide consolidated reporting of multiple investment portfolios. We can also include privately held assets within our reporting.


We generally meet quarterly for a detailed review of the client’s financial plan, portfolio, markets and investment strategy. We interact with clients between meetings as requested.

In addition, we provide clients with:

Written bulletins:

The MountHurstTM Investment Team sends out a market report every quarter

We endeavour to provide a seamless, efficient service to both our clients and prospective clients. If you have any comments, feedback or suggestions we would love to hear from you! We can be contacted by email, please visit the appropriate contact page.

Contacting MountHurstTM Wealth

If you are interested in becoming a client you can contact us by phone in your local area or alternatively complete our Online Contact Form on the Contacts section of this website.

Existing Clients can contact the Client Services by email: csv@mounthurstwealth.com

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The use of Twitter and other social media website for communication with MountHurstTM Wealth is prohibited. If you are a client of MountHurstTM Wealth and wish to discuss your account, please contact your Financial Adviser or email Client Services via csv@mounthurstwealth.com