If you prefer to make your own decisions, backed up by professional advice, our Advisory Management Services could be for you. Choose the level of advice you need, and work with your Investment Manager in a way that suits you.

Our Advisory Management Service means that you retain full control over, and are responsible for, all investment decisions. MountHurstTM Wealth will provide you with recommendations on the basis of your specified investment objectives and risk profile and will accept responsibility for the suitability of the recommendations for the portfolio as a whole. We cannot, however, accept responsibility if our recommendations are not followed.

Features at a glance

Constructing your portfolio

  • Our rigorous due diligence process looks at conditions across world markets and identifies the providers that are best placed to take advantage of these  trends
  • Our recommendations will utilise the full extent of our global research capabilities, enabling us to identify suitable solutions with a high degree of conviction
  • We offer you privileged access to investment opportunities generally not available to individuals
  • We also offer access to financial planning e

Monitoring your portfolio

  • We take an active approach, continually reviewing providers, fund managers and the specific products themselves to ensure they are performing as expected, given the market context
  • If there are developments that could affect your holdings, your Investment Manager, will alert you and give advice on what to do. And also, with suggestions on where to reinvest, if appropriate
  • Your Investment Manager, will periodically review your original objectives to see if they are still relevant to your needs, taking into account any changes to your wealth or family circumstances
  • We will carry out quarterly reviews of your portfolio to ensure it remains within its agreed  risk profile
  • Where appropriate, we will discuss a re-balancing of your investments with you, to help ensure  you remain on track to achieve your financial aims

Portfolio reporting

  • You will benefit from an ongoing relationship with your Investment Manager, the frequency and type of contact is up to you
  • We undertake a comprehensive review of your investments every six months, including performance, risk profile, asset allocation, and a summary of the investment issues discussed during that period

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