MountHurstTM Wealth has a wealth of experience in establishing asset protection structures such as:

  • Trusts
  • Companies
  • Pensions
  • Foundations
  • Hybrid
  • PCC

By asking the right questions we assist our Clients in reviewing their current goals and where necessary, assist in making alterations or putting into place entirely new structures.

Please Contact Us for an in depth review of your current financial structures.

Structuring your legacy takes careful consideration and detailed planning and in many instances is a process that can span, and enable your wealth to span, several generations. When reviewing their affairs with us, our clients often find that the most appropriate solution may not be the one that is most commonly recommended, or even one they have heard of. In fact often what was correct at a point in the past may not be the most efficient or the best value in the present.
The jurisdiction in which the legal title to your assets is held may not necessarily be the country in which your assets physically reside. Indeed, many of our clients approach us specifically to ensure separation between ownership and asset location, raising the following concerns:

• The world is becoming more regulated
• Taxation is increasing, as are the reasons for taxation
• Government policies are eroding civil liberties • Political and economic instability are on the rise
• Once financially sound countries are facing major fiscal difficulties It is understandable then that the internationally mobile are concerned about the security of their assets. MountHurstTM Wealth has extensive experience in structuring solutions for clients in the world’s major and lesser confidential jurisdictions. Our objective is to ensure that the legal entity holding your assets benefits from the strongest legislation and the highest tax efficiency. Please Contact Us for an in depth review of your current financial structures
When the time comes for your assets to be distributed to your beneficiaries, it is not uncommon for family members, friends and business associates to contest Will’s and lodge disputes, often resulting in lengthy and expensive legal battles. It is because of this uncertainty that choosing the right fiduciary partner or trustee is one of the most important financial structuring decisions you will ever make, and that the ramifications of failing to do this correctly could be catastrophic. Due to our extensive history of relationships with fiduciary organizations, we are able to introduce Clients to some of the largest and most respected institutional trust companies, private banks and fiduciary organisations, with whom we partner. Please Contact Us for an in depth review of your current financial structures.